Friday, February 14, 2014

Ok I know class today was a little bit hectic and fast paced- DON'T worry I will get you all caught up :)

I'm going to start with the homework that is due on Wed (2/19)
            1. Fill out the table entitled 'Communism in Practice' found in your notes
            2. Read the article I gave you about personal experiences with communism (you can mark up the article if you want- and do your journal entry). For your journal remember you are a teenager living in either East or West Berlin- what are you feeling, what do you want to happen, how do you feel about communism?
            3. Start looking up your foreign film movies! Have an idea of the 2 films you want to watch for your term project!

To help you on your journal entry/get you thinking about about pros/cons of communism here is the link to a short clip showing differing perspectives about life in East Germany

In class today we covered a ton- history of Russia, how/why Russia was ripe for communism to take over, the Cold War, and we touched on living conditions under communism. I know a mouth full. You should be able to explain how communism came to power in Russia (the who, what, when, where, why), Pros/Cons of communism, and Why has communism been viewed as a very negative thing in the U.S.?

I told you that I would put an AWESOME video about the Cold War here and if you watched and took notes I would give you some E.C...... here it is :) 
I also let you know that you could watch a movie about the Cold War era and write a 1 page response for some extra credit. 
**hint: the movie needs to be about the COLD WAR
Here is a list of some movie titles- if you have questions about a movie, you can email/text me! 
Red Dawn
The Hunt for red October
Rocky 4
The War Game

Have a great weekend & Happy Valentines Day! 

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