Thursday, February 27, 2014

E&R Test Review

Here is the PowerPoint that we used in class today for the review- if you are able to
1. Define
2. Give an Example
3. Application
You will do very well on the test :)
Let me know if you have any questions/comments/concerns! Good luck and happy studying!

Day in the Life.... Confusion (SORRY!)

Ok there seems to be a lot of questions and confusion about where the questions to part 1 are- I'm sorry I should have done a better job clarifying in class :(
To make this easier for you I will just post them right here!

Topic Questions: You will need to TYPE answers to the questions that go along with each topic.
1. Race: What is the largest heritage or race in your country and what are the other minority races? What language is spoken most widely? Are there any other languages spoken?
2. Religion: What religion is most widely practiced? Are there any other religions practiced in the country? Does your country have an official state church?
3. Education: Is education compulsory (meaning required)? If so, how long must they stay in school? Is school free or does it cost money?  Describe what school is like in your assigned country.  
4. Gender roles: Is it a male or female dominated society? What are the male roles in the home? What are the female roles in the home? What are their dating practices? When do they usually marry?
5. Music & Recreation: What do they do for recreation in your country? What is an important art form in the country?  (You can discuss sports, music, dance, etc.)

6.  Government: Describe the government system in your country. Has there been a recent change in the government system?   If so, how did the change come about and what did the government system change to?

Hopefully this helps!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

8th Period HW

8th Period: Here is the Homework Committee's HW assignment for you:
Read pages 338-339
Answer questions
1.What natural resources does Germany have to offer?
2.What does the EU do as more countries want to join?
3.What country has the highest minimum wage?
4.What countries joined the EU in 1951?

5.What countries are negotiating to join?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

8th Period Homework by Homework Committee
¡Disciplinary committee: Write 1-2 paragraphs on how all of the different ways communism effected Russian Economy and the Russian Environment (pages 391-405, summarize and use yellow highlighted vocab words)
¡Food committee: Copy all vocab words and definitions (yellow highlighted words) for the how communism effected the Russian economy (pages 391-294)
¡Test committee: Copy all vocab words and definitions (yellow highlighted words) for the how communism effected the Russian environment (pages 395-405)
¡Quiz committee: Copy all vocab words and definitions (yellow highlighted words) for the how communism effected the Russian environment (pages 395-405)

¡Homework committee: Copy all vocab words and definitions (yellow highlighted words) for the how communism effected the Russian economy (pages 391-294)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Ok I know class today was a little bit hectic and fast paced- DON'T worry I will get you all caught up :)

I'm going to start with the homework that is due on Wed (2/19)
            1. Fill out the table entitled 'Communism in Practice' found in your notes
            2. Read the article I gave you about personal experiences with communism (you can mark up the article if you want- and do your journal entry). For your journal remember you are a teenager living in either East or West Berlin- what are you feeling, what do you want to happen, how do you feel about communism?
            3. Start looking up your foreign film movies! Have an idea of the 2 films you want to watch for your term project!

To help you on your journal entry/get you thinking about about pros/cons of communism here is the link to a short clip showing differing perspectives about life in East Germany

In class today we covered a ton- history of Russia, how/why Russia was ripe for communism to take over, the Cold War, and we touched on living conditions under communism. I know a mouth full. You should be able to explain how communism came to power in Russia (the who, what, when, where, why), Pros/Cons of communism, and Why has communism been viewed as a very negative thing in the U.S.?

I told you that I would put an AWESOME video about the Cold War here and if you watched and took notes I would give you some E.C...... here it is :) 
I also let you know that you could watch a movie about the Cold War era and write a 1 page response for some extra credit. 
**hint: the movie needs to be about the COLD WAR
Here is a list of some movie titles- if you have questions about a movie, you can email/text me! 
Red Dawn
The Hunt for red October
Rocky 4
The War Game

Have a great weekend & Happy Valentines Day! 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Geography Peeps:

We have finished Unit 1 :) this means
1. Your test is Monday (2/10)
2. All of your homework, notes, and projects are due Monday (2/10)
3. STUDY this weekend!
Below is a copy of the review sheet that I used for your review game; if I were you, I would know the definition, be able to give an example, as well as an application. Have a great weekend, and may the odds be ever in your favor......

Lithosphere, hydrosphere
            Cultural barrier
            Social Systems
            Ethnic groups
            Culture Hearths
            Types and features of each
            Market and command
            Supply and demand
            Trade barriers
Greenhouse effect
Latitude and longitude
            Doubling Time
            Stages of Demographic Transition Model
            and what happens in each stage (look at graph we did in class
            and the graph in the book)
            Growth rate
Themes of Geography
Absolute vs. Relative Location
            Factors that affect climate
Types of weathering
Effects of rotation and tilt of the earth
Tectonic plates


Tuesday, February 4, 2014


We didn't get as far as I thought we would in our discussion about culture- don't worry we will take the first half of Thursday to wrap it up. For your homework do PART 1 ONLY of the region association worksheet- remember you do NOT need to look up the actual answers. Use what you've learned from our class, other classes, or your own personal experience to infer what the world regions would look like in terms of:
religion, economy, government, language, social classes.
We will finish this activity Thursday.
**Remember the Unit 1 test is coming up (next Mon 2/10) and everything will be due (all HW and projects :)) So get going on your island assignment if you have not yet done so!
Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

You guys are great!