Asia Unit

Asia Unit Packet: This includes your maps, your Day in the Life, your Current Event, and everything else you will need for this unit with the exception of an online activity that we might do at the end of the unit during class.

Asia Unit Plan: This is the new Unit Plan for Fall 2013, you can find all the other assignments in the above packet.

Final Test Review & Another Extra Credit Opportunity:  The Benua activity is an extra credit assignment, the review is a bit general, but I hope it helps.  Study your class handouts and your reading notes and you'll do well.

Extra Credit
Virtual Asia Assignments
-Here is the link for the web page:
-Download the assignment and answer the questions.
-Watch the videos or check out the picture gallery for each country and based off what you see, tell which country you would most like to visit and why.

Documentary about Buddha: For extra credit, watch and write a one page paper about what you learn about Buddhism from this video.

Links for Videos about North Korea: Watch and write a one page paper on life in North Korea

Summary of the book, "Escape from Camp 14"

BBC Video on Life in North Korea

Inside North Korea (Available on Netflix and Amazon

Also Available on Netflix:
1. The Juche Idea
2. Crossing the Line
3. KimJongilia

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