Europe & Russia Unit

State Unity or Disunity: Case Study on Yugoslavia Assignment
Powerpoint on Yugoslavia
Powerpoint on State Disunity Case Study (Iraq)

E&R Unit Packet:  This includes everything up to including the lesson on how Communism started.
E&R Maps
E&R Maps, Graphs, & Charts

Standard of Living: East vs. West Comparison Chart:  Follow the instructions on the spreadsheet. Answer the following questions on the bottom of your spreadsheet:
1. Rank the countries from highest to lowest standard of living.
2. Which single statistic do you think has the largest impact on a countries standard of living?
3. Based of the statistics in the west and in the east, would you personally rather live in the west of in the east?

Places to Visit in Europe

Places to Visit in Russia

Russia and Communism
Yugoslavia: State Unity or the Lack There of 

Extra Credit
Happy People: A Year in the Taiga (On Netflix)
Stalin: Most Evil Men in History (On Youtube)
Stalin: Full Length Movie.
To Live: This is a Chinese film you can use as a foreign film as well.  It depicts the communist revolution in China.
The Cold War: A video introduction to the Cold War.  (On Youtube)
Compare Russia then and Russia now: Using the two videos below identify 10 things that are different about Russian now and Russia during the Soviet Union.

Travel Documentary about Russia

Tourism Documentary about the Soviet Union

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