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Amendments for Honors Geography Fall 2013

1.  If you take notes on your reading, you can use your notes on the quiz.
-If you are absent and miss a quiz, you can make up that quiz by turning in notes.

1.  You will be allowed to make tests corrections.
-The deadline for your test corrections will be the Test day of the next unit.
-For every answer you correct you will receive 1/2 credit for that question.
-To receive credit: # & answer of the question missed, why the answer is wrong, the correct answer, credible source to the correct answer.

-Extra Credit is available.  However, extra credit can only be used to raise your grade one half step.  (For example: you can use your extra-credit to raise your final percentage from an A- to an A, or from an F to a C-.)   
-You are responsible to propose extra credit assignments and/or maintain a list of the extra credit assignments I propose during class
-For our end of the unit celebration, if you bring in a food item that is connected to the region we are studying, you may receive extra credit

-Due to time, we will be unable to have entire class periods dedicated to parties, however, we will be having ‘end of the unit celebrations’!  The last day of class before the test, we will have some time to review for the test; during this time, we will be celebrating a holiday found in the current studied region, as well as preparing for the unit test. You may bring in food that is found in the region for extra credit.

1.  I will only accept late assignments for full credit if you have an extraordinary reason for why it is late.
*Along with your late assignment, you will need to turn in an explanation for why it is late.
2.  You may turn in two late assignments or one late assignment and one late project or paper per term for any reason for 80%.  I will hand out ‘late passes’ that you will need to attach to your late work. You are responsible for your late passes, if you lose your late passes you will need to wait until the next term to get your new late passes.
3.  If you are failing the class, I will accept unlimited amounts of extra credit, however, the highest grade you will be able to earn is a C-.

Electronic Devices:
-You may use your smart phone to research answers for class, when appropriate.  You must use it out in the open, on top of your desk and you must share the information you look up with the rest of the class.
-You may listen to music when you are working individually as long as you have ear phones.

-You may bring in food and drinks as long as the drinks are in a sealable container.  If any messes are made and not cleaned up by the individual who made it, the entire class will loss the privilege.

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