Intro Unit

Intro Unit Plan: Here is your updated Unit 1 Plan

World Pre-Test: Use Sheppard Software to review all the countries of the world.
-Click on each of the following regions of the world.  Complete each region and take a screen shot when you are done, or print the page before you close out (it does not need to be printed in color.  (Download and use Jing to take the screen shot.)  Turn in your screen shots on the day of the Unit 1 Test.
-Latin America
-Oceania: The rules for this game are a little different.

5 Themes of Geography
Tools of a Geographer
Forces of Change & Land Forms
Design an Island Project 
World Population Growth
Culture Articles and Assignment & World Regions
Politics and Economics Assignment

Power Points
PowerPoints: Day 2-5

Test Review: Here is are test study guide.  Use this and your notes and assignments from class to prepare for the test.