Sub Saharan Africa Unit

SSA Unit Plan

Colonialism and Colonial Fallout

UN Letter Research Project

-Don't worry too much about the Colonial Fallout Case Study Note Taking guides.  We may use a few, but they will not be graded.

Overview of African Conflict Reading

Armed and Underage

Tree Shaker: The Story of Nelson Mandela

Power Points to help with your UN Letter
Colonialism and Colonial Fallout Presentation
UN Powerpoint
Steps 2&3 (You can disregard the first few slides)

Crash Course on Imperialism

Example of a practical solution

Single Story Youtube Clip: You can watch and summarize the entire clip for extra credit.  Focus on the different examples she gives of the "Single Story".

Extra Credit Films
Hotel Rwanda (PG-13)
The Power of One (PG-13)
Cry Freedom (PG)

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