Thursday, September 19, 2013

Life after Parent Teacher Conference

Please check out the "Classroom Documents & Term Projects"page for the final list of amendments to our classroom disclosure.  There are several things there that can help you improve your grade.  Be sure to get started on your Unit Projects (Day in the Life and Current Event) and Term Projects (Cultural Projects & Foreign Films)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Preparations for the Unit 1 Test

As you all know by this point, Monday is the day you will be taking your Unit 1 test and turning in all of your assignments and projects for Unit 1.  I have updated the Intro Unit page with all the assignments, some power points, and other helpful study tools, as well as a Study Guide.  Please be prepared to turn your Unit 1 assignments in to the following four piles

Pile 1: Your parent letter (you can find this on the Classroom Documents page.)

Pile 2: Your World Pre Test (Reminder, you will not be tested on all the countries of the world for this first test.  Only the continents and the Cultural Regions.)

Pile 3: Your Island Project

Pile 4: All of your other assignments (see the top right hand corner of your Unit Plan for a list) and any extra credit you may have done,  Staple these to the back of your Unit Plan.

The test has 60 computer questions, 25 map related questions, and 5 short answer questions.