Thursday, September 12, 2013

Preparations for the Unit 1 Test

As you all know by this point, Monday is the day you will be taking your Unit 1 test and turning in all of your assignments and projects for Unit 1.  I have updated the Intro Unit page with all the assignments, some power points, and other helpful study tools, as well as a Study Guide.  Please be prepared to turn your Unit 1 assignments in to the following four piles

Pile 1: Your parent letter (you can find this on the Classroom Documents page.)

Pile 2: Your World Pre Test (Reminder, you will not be tested on all the countries of the world for this first test.  Only the continents and the Cultural Regions.)

Pile 3: Your Island Project

Pile 4: All of your other assignments (see the top right hand corner of your Unit Plan for a list) and any extra credit you may have done,  Staple these to the back of your Unit Plan.

The test has 60 computer questions, 25 map related questions, and 5 short answer questions.

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