Thursday, February 27, 2014

Day in the Life.... Confusion (SORRY!)

Ok there seems to be a lot of questions and confusion about where the questions to part 1 are- I'm sorry I should have done a better job clarifying in class :(
To make this easier for you I will just post them right here!

Topic Questions: You will need to TYPE answers to the questions that go along with each topic.
1. Race: What is the largest heritage or race in your country and what are the other minority races? What language is spoken most widely? Are there any other languages spoken?
2. Religion: What religion is most widely practiced? Are there any other religions practiced in the country? Does your country have an official state church?
3. Education: Is education compulsory (meaning required)? If so, how long must they stay in school? Is school free or does it cost money?  Describe what school is like in your assigned country.  
4. Gender roles: Is it a male or female dominated society? What are the male roles in the home? What are the female roles in the home? What are their dating practices? When do they usually marry?
5. Music & Recreation: What do they do for recreation in your country? What is an important art form in the country?  (You can discuss sports, music, dance, etc.)

6.  Government: Describe the government system in your country. Has there been a recent change in the government system?   If so, how did the change come about and what did the government system change to?

Hopefully this helps!

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