Friday, February 1, 2013


Remember to start looking at your term and semester projects: the Culture Project, International Cinema, and Book Report. All the instructions for these are under the Class Projects tab to the right.

International Cinema: you must watch two films per term and do a write-up on them. Here is a list of foreign films and recommendations that previous students have put together. Please remember to research the movie before watching it- some may have questionable content. Also, visit to see what the BYU International Cinema is showing.

Culture Project: go to one event of another culture or have someone who has lived there come and talk to you about it and show you pictures, food, clothing, etc. You must do this one term (the other term you will do the book report).

Book Report: choose a book from the list I provided or choose one of your own (make sure I approve it) and write either a report, letter, or make a scrapbook about it. You must do this one term (the other term you will do the culture project).

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