Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Next Class

Remember- we're having our class birthday party next period! Here is the list of people who signed up to bring something:

Sydney - candy
Rayma- ice cream
J. Wilson - cake
Savannah & Shannon - presents
Honi & Joseph - balloons

Treats- Brenton, Addy, Miranda, Chris, Bengu, Maddy, Ali, Madi, Zane, Miles
Presents- Jace
Games- Hinckley, Hannah
Balloons- "PB", Becky Hill
Decorations- Maddy Archibald
Clowns & Fireworks- Clark

*Please remember that open flames are actually NOT allowed in the class. (Hint: Clark) And if you didn't sign up but still want to bring something, please do! I'm excited to celebrate the end of Unit 1 with you and prepare for the test! You are GREAT students!

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