Monday, March 17, 2014


Unit 3 Test Review

Our Unit 3 Test will be on March 20th.  The test will cover our classroom discussions, your textbook readings, and your assignments so far this semester.   Below is a list of major topics we have discussed during this unit.  You should be very comfortable with these topics, as they will be covered on the test. Be prepared to answer multiple choice, fill in the blank and short answer questions.

Latin American Map Identification (Countries, Major Cities, Physical Features)
L.A. Maps, Graphs & Charts
Guns, Germs & Steel
History of L.A. (as discussed in class/your reading)
L.A. Physical Geography
Natural Disasters (What they are; Haiti, Chili, Indonesia, Japan)
Migration Article—How has migration changed in Latin America?
Mexican Drug Cartels
L.A. Culture

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