Friday, January 31, 2014

Geography friends:

I know that the end of class was pretty rushed today..... sorry about that!
I put up the PowerPoints for the previous 2 days of class (when we talked about gov't types and population) I have my own personal notes on my PowerPoints so don't worry about things that we didn't go over in class!
Gov't & Population slides
Also remember to do the Migration activity (its the last slide on the population PP) you need to:
Trace your family history back along one line for at least three generations (Ex. Mom, Grandma, Great-grandma.)  Tell me: A) where they moved
B) why they moved (were they pushed or pulled) and 
C) how long they stayed in each area.  
Bring this on Tuesday and we'll talk about it :) 

Heads up * next week is our last week in class before the Unit 1 test- so get going on your Island Project if you haven't! I hope that you all have an awesome weekend! 

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