Thursday, March 7, 2013

Unit 3- Day 1

We started the Europe/Russia unit today! We organized our classroom into a communist society with each student in a separate committee with distinct classroom responsibilities. (If you were absent when we divided into committees, please check your period's PowerPoint below to find out what you do).

We also began a discussion on the history of Russia and how the Industrial Revolution led to the people accepting communism.

Remember to read the "Life Under Stalin" article below for next class! You DO NOT have to answer the questions on the back of the article.

Unit 3 Plan
Day 1 PowerPoint
Class handout- note guide
Life Under Stalin article

Period 2 Committees
Period 7 Committees
Committee Descriptions

REMINDER: Your foreign films are due on March 22nd along with either your Cultural Experience OR Book Report. I will be showing a foreign film next Thursday, March 14 after school- if you would like to come, please have your parent/guardian sign this permission slip and give it back to me:
Foreign Film Permission Slip

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